Welcome to Adhitya Developers

Property in Bangalore is considered as the most valuable possession and also the costliest. How often have we taught of having a property to call our own and backed off because of the astronomical prices? Here’s a great opportunity to own a property by paying in instalments, without any document or security at highly affordable prices.

Gram Panchayat sites in South Bangalore now available for prices which you taught was out of your budget. Located approximately 12kms from IIM - Bangalore, 10kms from Metro Departmental stores, Kanakapura Main Road and 5 Kms from Nice Road all make up for the most ideal location for an ideal residential location in Bangalore in the future.

Thinking about its productivity? Think again. How often have you heard your relatives/friends say, "The prices in a location was about Rs.500/- in the year 2000 and now it's more than 10 times its value?”. Don’t put yourself in that position. Invest now and find yourself proud of making the right decision at the right time!
Land price always grows with time. There is no history of a fully documented and registered land price going down in Bangalore.

Some facts and figures to justify this:

Location Prices in 2005
Prices in 2012
Koramangala Rs.1500/- per sq ft.
Over Rs.15,000/- per sq ft. 10 times
HSR Layout
Rs.1000/- per sq ft. Over Rs.7,800/- per sq ft. 7.2 times
Kamanahalli Rs.600/- per sq ft. Over Rs.6,500/- per sq ft. 10.5 times

The above mentioned locations were all considered to be under-developed and not ideal locations to buy property. And the growth as shown has proven even the pundits wrong.

With a 100 acres science technology park 2kms distance away and with some of its internationally acclaimed residential schools of the city around, gives you all the more reason to buy your dream property with us. You have easy finance options to invest. You can make a moderate down payment and pay the rest in instalments or you can pay a minimum down payment of Rs.25, 000/- for 20'x30', and Rs.50, 000/- for 30'x40' of the value and pay the rest in instalments.On paying 75% of the site value, registration will be done. Registration will be the responsibility of our land developers. Registration charges extra. Immediate registrations for those who want to pay in full.

Finance Option Maximum Term: 3 years

Site Dimension
Interest rate p.a.
Installment per lakh
20'x30' 14.00%
Rs. 3945/-
14.00% Rs.5333/-
60'x40' 14.00% Rs.9500/-